Watergate’s 30th Anniversary

President Nixon

Vox/Dirck Halstead/Liason

Vox has a good breakdown of the events surrounding President Nixon’s resignation, his rampant paranoia, and all the shady dealings of political corruption.

Everyone knows that Watergate had something to do with a break-in at the Watergate building in Washington, DC, but it’s not really the break-in itself that ended Nixon’s presidency so much as the fact that the ensuing investigation revealed a tangled web of wrongdoing of almost unfathomable scale and complexity, implicating the highest levels of the White House up to and including the President…

The White House’s involvement was unearthed through a combination of government investigations into the break-in and investigative reporting by the Washington Post’s Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. Within days of the break-in, Bernstein and Woodward figured out that one of the five men arrested for the crime, James McCord, had a contract to do security for the Republican National Committee, and had connected the burglars to Hunt, and Hunt to Colson. On August 1, they reported that a $25,000 check directed at the Nixon campaign made its way to the bank account of Bernard Barker, who was also arrested in the break-in. By September, they had uncovered a secret slush fund used by former CRP head and Attorney General John Mitchell to investigate Democrats, and by October they knew about Segretti’s sabotage efforts.


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