Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh Go to Cinemax

The Knick

After swearing off Hollywood movie-making, Steven Soderbergh is still directing, he’s just doing it on TV. Following his incredible movie, “Behind the Candelabra” (the movie Soderbergh was forced to take to HBO because every movie studio he approached thought it was too gay-centric), he’s out with a new series on Cinemax. Its called The Knick. And it stars the great Clive Owen. Andy Greenwald at Grantland:

The series isn’t exploitative, but it is extreme, with literal buckets of blood and a surgical fascination with the lurid realities of medicine circa 1900: A skin graft requires sewing a woman’s arm directly onto her face; a complicated pregnancy demands the very delicate insertion of a rubber balloon. Instead of revealing an endless array of breasts, Soderbergh revels in offal. His gaze falls lovingly on a length of diseased intestine, a pumping heart, a swollen appendix. The Knick is visceral in all senses. It will leave you shocked and queasy — both at the treatments on display and the realization that your misbegotten, stuffy-nose-complaining genes somehow survived them all.


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