St. Louis County Police Relieved of Duty

The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has swapped out the St. Louis County Police, who have been in charge of crowd control in Ferguson, and has given power over to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. According to reports, the mood on the ground has changed drastically, for the better. The Govenor “vowed that officers would take a different approach to handling the massive crowds that have taken to Ferguson’s streets each night” writes Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post

The protesters remained angry about Brown’s killing — but unlike Wednesday night when they furiously demanded the release of family members being detained, the scene was not tense.

Organizers worked through the crowd, handing out “community talking points” outlining the goals of the protest.

“This is what our community was like before a child was killed in our streets,” said Jerroll Sanders, one of the protest organizers. “But what we’ve seen is a change in the policing approach. The aggression was never brought on by us.”


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