Lawrence Lessig on Losing New Hampshire

To help rid the corrupting influence of money in politics, the Harvard law professor, Lawrence Lessig, created the Mayday PAC, a way to channel money to political candidates who support overhauling campaign finance. Spending money to get rid of money is an irony not lost on Lessig, but for him this strategy is worth a shot.

The bad news came on Tuesday, though, as one of Mayday’s candidates lost badly in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. Mayday PAC spent $600,000 on Jim Rubens, who unsuccessfully challenged former Senator Scott Brown.

Mayday PAC will continue to support candidates this election cycle, but this was surely a tough loss.

Here is Lessig himself at his blog:

There’s no spinning this. We tried something that others said couldn’t be done. So far, the evidence supports their theory. We went big in New Hampshire. Going big increased the salience of the issue among the citizens of New Hampshire. But among the 7% of New Hampshire who voted in the Republican Primary, another issue was even more salient: who could beat the Democrat in November.


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