Pursuing a Shipping Revolution as Big as His Airship

Aeros/ The New York Times

Billy Witz of the New York Times reports on Igor Pasternak, an engineer and founder of Aeroscraft Corporation, who aims to transform global shipping with a new, massive aircraft.

Now, he says he believes he is on the verge of developing an aircraft that will change the way large cargo can be shipped.

Mr. Pasternak envisions this hulking, 770-foot-long, silver-skinned airship, which is kept aloft by helium-filled tanks, delivering fresh fruit to Alaska, dropping triage units at disaster sites or depositing heavy machinery into remote locations — no ports, rail lines, roads or airstrips necessary.

It would be able to fly at up to 120 knots, four times as fast as a cargo ship. Its capacity of 250 tons is about twice that of a C-5 cargo plane, and it has a range of about 5,870 miles, enough to go from Boston to Burkina Faso.


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