My Story at The Verge: A Republican Version of Net Neutrality

For The Verge I wrote about a Republican backed proposal to ensure net neutrality.

A critical reading of the bill finds the Republicans eager to pay lip service to net neutrality while stripping the open internet of key protections. A law that relegates the telecom’s chief regulatory watchdog into a large stack of three-ring binders isn’t exactly an advocate’s dream. The bill gestures towards addressing the loudest demands surrounding net neutrality. But its rules would also leave the FCC largely inert. And a skeptical interpreter reads the proposal and sees the handwriting of telecom industry lobbyists: it may not be drafted by the colossal internet companies it’s meant to regulate, but all the power squeezed from regulatory ambiguities is channeled in their direction. When Republicans describe this bill as true net neutrality, it might be suitable to tell them: You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.


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